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Streamline invoicing, payments, bookkeeping, and contracts processes with our powerful finance manager.
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Billing should be easy


Why can’t billing be easy? Everything from tuition and fee management to technology fees and field trips require billing. Genius Education has built our billing module to include tuition and fee management, prepayments, transaction recording, and detailed summary reporting.

Stress free finances


When all your receivables are in one place and payments are being handled efficiently, it’s easier to generate invoices and reports at a whim. Top-line analysis gives a clear picture of what is actually going on in a school’s finances. Genius Education is here to make this process fast and intuitive. We allow batch printing of checks, electronic payments, mass form distribution… the list goes on.

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Man shaking hands in team meeting

Integrated Payroll System


Running payroll for a school has nuances compared to other payroll systems, and we’ve already integrated all of them into our platform. Administrators will spend less time on payroll, and employees will get paid more consistently.

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