As a fully integrated application, Genius Education is the system of your dreams. Our system is loaded with user-friendly tools and features that are guaranteed to make your job easier and ensure powerful data manipulation.
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Enter all types of pledges including scheduled or shared pledges.

Enter all types of payments including scheduled, post-dated or third-party payments.

Utilize automatic ACH and credit card processing
Use Genius Education's many tools to assist you with receipts and deposits.

Easily export data into Excel and other file formats
Simplify data entry with extensive barcode features
Enjoy easy integration with Microsoft Office, accounting packages and other popular software applications.

Tuition Contracts

Easily create tuition contracts – even in the most complex situations.

Establish rules and have Genius Education automatically create contracts with all appropriate fees and discounts already calculated and applied.

Start and stop charges midyear.

Split contract charges between multiple accounts (i.e. divorced spouses or another third-party).

Track receipt of required document.

Monitor workflow.

Online tuition contracts automates the process while dashboards keeps you informed.

Man shaking hands in team meeting