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With Genius Education, you’ll be taking your campaigns to a whole new level.  Our custom portals for constituents, solicitors and administrators keep everyone connected and minimize tedious data entry.  Whatever the fundraising medium, our many tools and features allow you to manage and analyze your campaigns efficiently and effectively.
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Donor and Campaign Profiling

Comprehensive constituent profiling.

Create Dashboards to see  a donor’s giving history, profiles, etc.

View personal and business relationships for on-target fundraising efforts.

Create Dashboards to monitor campaign progress, compare campaigns and asses giving trends.

Tribute & 

Keep track of tributes and memorials.

Establish and maintain contribution or endowment funds.

Ascribe tributes and dedications in memory or in honor of an individual or occasion.

Banquets &

Web Solutions allow constituents to sign up for events, donate and submit ad and reservations.

Manage all your banquet data – from basic information to seating and ads.

Process reservations and organize seating with drag-and-drop functionalityEnter and manage journal ads.

Solicitor Management

Interactive portal allows solicitors to log in and see their donors, giving history, target amount, and other relevant information.

Solicitors enter the pledge, call notes, etc. and emails auto generate.

Development team tracks donor, solicitor and campaign progress.


Sell and manage raffle campaigns.


Allocate seats to solicitors.
Sell seats with multiple price options.