Utilizing our online component, you’ll be able to connect with your students, parents and school administration. By simplifying your daily tasks you’ll be able to spend less time on data entry and have more time to focus on the bottom line – your students’ education.
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Log in from Home or the Classroom

Access student profiles and academic information.

Take attendance from your mobile device.

Enter communication logs about a student that can be sent to other teachers, administrators and/or parents.

Send progress emails.

Post academic alerts.

View students’ IEP information inclusive of application, DOE mandate, private services and school support plans.

View your own profile information, classes and schedule.

View administrator observations.

Utilize 360’s integrated grade book component which allows you to plan lessons, keep track of marks and calculate final grades which automatically feed into the report card.

Create Your Class Homepage

Post class photos.

Publish class news.

Post assignments and test schedules.

Attach links and documents (worksheet, report requirements).

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