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Genius Education offers a complete education management platform for private schools customized to fit your specific needs.
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Manage your events, community outreach and start to track potential student families from the moment they first connect.

Recruiting Solutions


Communicate and record outreach to keep families engaged throughout the admissions journey while tracking notifications.

Prospecting Solutions


We'll help you transform your enrollment processes from rushed and chaotic to smooth and seamless. Genius Education includes a variety of visual tools to simplify the mammoth task of scheduling and enrollment.

Enrollment Solutions


Business Office

Billing, accounting, payroll, and every other process can be easy for your school. By integrating all your administrative needs into one platform, we take a lot of time-consuming tasks off your hands. That way, staff are able to work more efficiently and administrative costs are reduced.

Business Office Solutions


Empower your solicitors to manage pledge and donations throughout the development process.  A complete fundraising management platform that automates securing tuition and donation, ensuring that no affiliation is left behind.

Development Solutions



It takes a village to raise a child, and when you’re taking the responsibility for hundreds of students you’ll need the help of a whole lot of villages. While Genius Education doesn’t build cities, it does help you with every other aspect of school management. We'll help you simplify employees tasks while uniting your entire school community with the single goal of providing the education excellence every child deserves.

K-12 Solutions


Everything from student health and transportation to grading and attendance is covered with Genius Education. All parties get to collaborate with clear, easy communication between teachers and families, fostering an environment for higher learning.

Academics Solutions



Our education journey doesn't end with graduation. From Alumni Associations to maintaining communication with graduates, Genius Education will help bridge the gap between the last day of class, and past students becoming parents of new students. They'll be proud of their alma mater, and you'll help them stay connected.

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