Ticket Submission Guidelines

When submitting a ticket to DDC, the more information we receive, the faster we can assist you.

Please give as much information as possible, background details and screenshots where applicable.

Error Messages:
List the exact steps leading up to the errorIf it is account specific, specify the account #Copy the ENTIRE text of the error message. To get the entire text of the message:

On the error box that appears, click on the paper with a red x. A second window will appear. On the second widow, click on the double paper (copy icon). This will copy the entire text of the error.

Paste the entire error message into the ticket. If you receive more than one error message, please make sure to copy the information for both.Specify what happened after the error was responded to (i.e. were you able to cancel and return to the main screen. If it was on a save, were you able to ignore the error message and save the data, etc?)

If this is a function that used to work, please specify when it last worked as desired.

Specify the following:
Portal (Staff or Parent)
ModuleAffected Person’s name & account #details, background and screenshot where applicable

General Questions:
Please give as much information as possible, background details and screenshots where applicable. 360 Report Issue: State the user, name and location of the report and criteria you are running.

Example: Public\Demographics\General – > Master Export, Parent Export
Include a banner page for the report. You can print a banner page by clicking on the dropdown next to the Preview button and selecting Banner Page.

If possible, include a PDF of the report.If the issue is something that is for a specific account, specify the account #. Even if there are many accounts with the same issue, please specify at least one such account.  If there is another account that is similar to the account that has the issue but appears fine on the report, please give details.

Example: A certain class is not showing up on a certain student’s report card but is showing up on her classmate’s. Specify the student’s account # and name and the name and account # of the classmate.

Always give any details that may be relevant. Even if that does not end up being the reason, the more information we receive, the less background work we have to do.

Example: The student was added to the class that is not appearing (in the above example) in the middle of the semester.For all issues, screenshots are very helpful.

Please include a screenshot of the 360° Solutions application ONLY – this is especially important if you have two screens.

To take a screenshot of the current application only, instead of simply pressing the PrintScreen button, press Alt+PrintScreen.