About Genius Education

Since 1995, DDC/Genius Education has worked hand-in-hand with executives, administrators and end users to create solutions for schools and nonprofit institutions.  Over the course of our collaboration with hundreds of schools, thousands of back-end users and hundreds of thousands of parents, we’ve gotten to fully understand the needs, mind-sets and desires of the full gamut of users.

As technology advances, we’re committed to providing our clientele with all the latest in terms of features and design. To that end, we’ve designed Genius Education as the single system that all users - from the technophobic to the technophile - will find easy to use and exciting to control.  We didn’t simply build a fresh UI that over legacy code, rather we worked together with our users, senior UI designers, and our developers to create a system that would meet their needs from a technical, operational and educational perspective.


Review Year by Year

As technology changes, so have we.
Take a look at how well we've evolved and improved over the years.

1994 Screenshot

School Director Pro - DOS

1997 Screenshot

School Director Pro - Windows 3.1

2000 Screenshot

School Director Pro - Windows 2000

2007 Screenshot

360 Suite of Solutions

2011 Screenshot

360 Web

2013 Screenshot

360 Mobile

2021 Screenshot

Genius Education


GE Mobile