GE’s  Gradebook component will benefit teachers, administrators, students and parents. By having one integrated solution, a single entry triggers test calendar validations, creates a workload calendar entry, becomes viewable on the parents/student portal and sets up the assignment in gradebook.

GE's gradebook includes many features and tools to make assignment scheduling and grading easier, more reliable and transparent:

  • Allows teachers to record work and exam marks with bonus points, curves and penalties
  • Automatically calculates semester grades based on assignment and exam points and weight
  • Seamlessly transfers semester grades to Report Card module
  • Works in tandem with your school’s test calendar to validate exams and assignments schedule
  • Automatically posts assignments online and tracks which students viewed their assignments
  • View test and workload calendar
  • Allows parents to see marks and report cards
  • Teacher enters his/her lesson plan for the week.
  • GE’s Gradebook component validates proposed schedule against school test calendar.
  • Assignment & exam information is posted to Class Page. Teacher can add links, documents and worksheets.
  • Teacher enters marks into Gradebook which takes into account bonus points, curves and penalties.
  • Marks and comments are available on the portal for parent, student and administrative review.
  • GE calculates semester grades based on assignment and exam points and weight.
  • Information is seamlessly published to Report Card component where it is reviewed and adjusted as necessary by teacher & administration.
  • GPA, Class Rank and other calculations performed based on user defined rules.
  • Report card published to parent portal.