We all know a student’s favorite part of the school day is recess, followed closely by lunch. GE’s lunch module allows parents to register their children for hot lunches, managing both the back-end ordering and payment processing. GE automatically sends the necessary reports to your lunchroom/catering staff to ensure that each child receives exactly what was ordered. Because lunch is a serious subject after all.

We know different schools allow for different options for ordering lunch. GE works with your way of providing lunch with various configuration options.

  • Allow parents to sign up and pay for hot lunch by term, semester, month or even day.
  • When using the daily option, give parents the flexibility of placing a last-minute order, up to your specified cut-off time.
  • Setup a full menu of options, giving parents the ability to specify quantity, sides, toppings, etc.
  • Payments are made at the time of ordering or allow parents schedule their payments as per your specification.
  • Produce reports that are sent to the lunchroom staff or caterers/restaurants as well as lists per class and location.