Business Office

When you’re managing a school, the stakeholders are many and the stakes are high. The success of your school depends on the efforts of your entire staff. However, without the proper tools, even the most efficient and dedicated employees can be overwhelmed by endless paperwork, reporting requirements and financial responsibilities. GE provides you with task automation, intelligent, paper-free solutions and anywhere access that will revolutionize the way your business office runs.

Take the headache out of contracts, registration and tuition collection

At Genius Education we know that no two schools create their tuition contracts the same way. We also know that getting parents to register is complicated, time-consuming and, at times, frustrating. We also know that managing tuition payments and ensuring collections entails hours of organizational and follow up work.

At Genius Education knowledge is power, so we took all this knowledge and used it to build the most comprehensive, intelligent and self-directing registration system available. In addition to our many automated processes, we’ve included dozens of dashboards and analysis reports so that you have all the knowledge you need to ensure your school’s financial success.

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The Contract Process

The process begins with setting up your tuition rates, discounts and payment structure. As always, our experienced account managers are there with you every step of the process to help you set up your contracts in the most efficient manner from both a practical and technical standpoint.

Establish rules and have Genius Education automatically create contracts with all appropriate fees and discounts already calculated and applied. It’s easy to add additional charges or discounts later on as well.

Contract charges can be split between multiple accounts (i.e. divorced spouses or another third-party); view the entire tuition and percentages being paid for that child on a single screen.

Set up early bird discounts to be automatically applied at the time the parents submits registration if applicable.

Genius Education supports both the standard re-enrollment process as well as continual enrollment.



We aim to make the registration process simple and easy for both your business office staff and your parent body. By providing you with unlimited customization options and your parents with a beautiful and user-friendly interface, it’s an experience that you will both come to love.

Fully customizable screens can be set up by your office staff utilizing our simple and intuitive UI. This includes so many options - from changing wording, configuring the pages and panels that appear on each page, enforcing required fields and page signatures and even setting up fully customizable forms with your own questions and options.

Ability to allow parents to use a variety of payment options including custom payment plans.

Easy-to-read dashboards help you see what stage parents are in the registration process, view high-level data as well as details and take action as needed.

Automatic emails guide parents though the process and ensure registration is completed in a timely manner.

Payment Processing

Genius Education is fully integrated with a payment gateway that allows parents to set up and schedule credit cards and ACH payments for both tuition and donations. Payments are processed automatically, leaving you with the simple task of reconciling.

Have additional fees added when using a credit card.

Allow donors to schedule recurring payments which are automatically processed upon the interval set up.

Automatic reminders inform parents/donors of upcoming scheduled payments.

Automatic emails are sent out upon payment failure with the ability for the payer to update payment method to use.

Receipts are sent immediately upon successful payment.

A payments dashboard is available for the parents to see their past payments and payment application.

Invoicing and collections

Genius Education does the collections for you!

When entering a pledge, send the donor a customized thank you letter and include a link so the donor can pay with just a click.  

Email complete Statements to your donors allowing them to pay multiple obligations at the same time.

Customize your payment form.

Itemized obligations can be seen and paid from the portal

So, so many tools for your financial staff

While you’ll be utilizing Genius Education to help deal with the nitty gritty details of receivable tracking and collections, our many dashboards, alerts, email notifications and system tools will ensure that you have a complete handle on all the ins and outs of your cash flow.

Easily perform reconciliations between processed payments and your bank statement.

View future payments, cash flow, receivable and aging utilizing our dashboards and reports.

Create custom exports with just a few clicks.

Be alerted of parent-generated payments, payment failure and payment updates.

Import payments from other sources.