Logical, beautiful, intuitive.

When developing the Genius Education platform, we had a long list of requirements. Of course, we wanted to build a system that was powerful, flexible and fully scalable to meet the diverse needs of our clients. However, we know that no matter how powerful a system is, if it’s not pretty and intuitive, 99% of users will resist and simply not be interested in the fancy bells and whistles.

With over 30 years of expertise and seven prior systems, we partnered with our clients to develop a system that would be easy to use, simple to navigate, mobile-friendly and intelligent.

Design elements run true throughout the system so a user can easily catch on to the various components.

Workflows can be automated to guide you through processes such as admissions and registration.

A workspace area allows you to set up a visual guide with clickable links and summaries of the reports you need to run to manage your big events and processes as defined by you.

All our screens feature extensive filtering, grouping, summarization and layout options.

Full customizable

Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two organizations are exactly alike. That’s why we designed Genius Education with a plethora of configuration options to meet each client’s individual needs. Our extensive documentation, complete with video clips, provide you with complete details as it relates to configuring these options, giving power users the ability to update and tweak as needed.

What’s more is that all external-facing forms and emails are fully customizable by your office staff. No need to call us when you need a change made to your registration, admission or payment form. Administrators can simply edit the forms as needed utilizing our intuitive interface. Email templates can easily be set up using our multidimensional template creator. Drag and drop the elements you need to create visually appealing emails tailored to your specifications.

With Genius Education, we will offer advice and guidance based on our many years of experience but at the same time, you are the one who controls your system and not the other way around. From setting up your homepage with your photos and branding to automating processes based on your school’s individual needs, Genius Education is the SIS that feels like a custom system while offering the stability of a proprietary solution.

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