Streamline your admissions process with Genius Education's cutting-edge admissions portal. Experience unparalleled efficiency with powerful automation features and a beautifully intuitive user interface. Make informed decisions with our powerful reporting and dashboards, giving you deep insights into your organization's performance. Take control of your admissions process with Genius Education's admissions portal.

Experiences your Community will Love.

We've thought of everything.

While you begin the GE admission process by creating your custom application, our admissions portal is so much more than an online form for prospective parents to complete. In addition to the basics, our admission component features dozens of automated tasks, workflow directives and administrative dashboards.

Custom Forms

Drag and drop templates can be used to create simple forms customized down to the grade level. Every step of the Admissions process is yours to control, customize, and make work best for you and your team

More Data, Less Work

We can pull data through school's websites, custom forms, social media and school sponsored events amongst others. This pre-fills out student and family information to make prospecting and registration even easier.


Prospecting Made Easy

Our daily progress dashboards easily identify for parent and faculty where prospects are in the pipeline and what is needed per child to advance from events to registration.

Data, Powered by AI

Whether you need a 10,000 foot view, or detailed specifics for a prospect's admissions journey, Genius Education provides rich data points, aesthetically-pleasing graphs and easy to read dashboards that guide you along the way.

Progress Tracking

Keep track of every step that the prospect takes in the admissions journey. Whether they stopped the application mid-form, or if they are just curious, you'll able to track progress and automate templated notifications to push them forward.


Seamless Scheduling

Coordinating on-site visits & interviews, assign buddies, tour guides, interviewers, and prospects all in your customized scheduling forms.

Interviews &On-Site Visits

Prospects get automated emails with details and calendar invites. Need to add a buddy? Want your interview facilitator to get a reminder? Genius Education is customizable to fit all of your communication needs!

All on file

With Genius Education your faculty receives automatic reminders and links to all admissions-related events along with links to the necessary forms and questionnaires. No need to worry about incomplete paperwork, lost files or forgotten appointments.


Seamless Communication

Communication is key to a successful admissions process. GE allows you to create email and SMS messaging templates, track notes and data from visits and interviews, and automate emails that direct parents and faculty throughout the entire process.

Customize your message

All admissions emails are fully customizable and can contain links, videos or other branding that make them uniquely yours. Set up emails to be automated based on an action, date or stage in the pipeline.

Message Tracking

Genius Education tracks opens and sends, and can push reminders to unresponsive users.