Parent Teacher Conferences

Managing the scheduling of Parent Teacher Conferences can be overwhelming, especially when a parent has several children and needs to meet with multiple teachers. Let Genius Education remove the entire headache by allowing parents to sign up for PTC on their own. Our smart scheduling algorithms, automated emails and reports make the complicated process easy and seamless.

Instead of spending countless hours trying to accommodate all your teacher and parent requests, follow our simple setup process and let your parents and GE handle the rest:

  • Upload your teacher-availability schedule.
  • GE automatically knows which parents need to meet with which teachers based on their children’s course enrollment.
  • Parents select from a list of their children’s teacher's available time-slots, with GE suggesting time-slots that will minimize wait time between appointments.
  • Teachers can view parent booking as well as those who have not yet booked as well as track no-show appointments.
  • Alternatively, have GE schedule PTC appointments for your parents in mass, creating an optimal schedule for each parent.