Work With Genius Education: Students, Staff, Parents… They All Love it

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Helping schools spend more time focused on teaching and improving educational outcomes is what we do best.

Automating repetitive business tasks is one of the easiest ways to improve efficiency in your organization. It's also an effective way to ensure accuracy and consistency in your processes without investing in costly training programs or hiring additional staff members. But that’s just the beginning of what Genius Education does for our clients.

We’ve got a customizable interface, advanced business intelligence, and a full reporting suite. Add it all together and you have the smartest and most complete school management software on the market.

Every day we are elevating the education experience with Genius Education. This means tracking attendance, managing tuition payments, executing fundraising campaigns, automating admissions, and hundreds of other processes that run in the background of every school.

Levels Above Your Average Student Information System

There are many reasons our roster of 300+ schools work with us, but the overarching promise is that we’ve already solved every organizational and technological problem a school could have and put all of that into our platform.

Genius Education was built to be the best student information system (SIS), capable of doing anything you could desire from a single software suite. As a result, our clients often decide to drop their other software solutions because they can save money doing everything in Genius Education.

Manage Every Process… On One Platform

Genius Education is a complete school management system that covers everything from academic office and business management to admissions and fundraising.

Your team can manage every process on one platform. That means you don’t have to switch between systems or learn new software—you just need to get started.

It’s students who benefit the most from the platform. With all their coursework easily accessible in one place, they are more organized. Plus, teachers spend less time on tedious admin work, opening up the opportunity for more one-on-one time for students. Finally, the platform makes it simple to catch negative trends in a student’s performance and pass on updates to their families, preventing any students from falling through the cracks.

A Logical, Intuitive User Interface

Genius Education’s platform is built on the core belief that if the software isn’t easy to use, staff, students, and parents won’t adopt it.

For parents, the SIS is their view into how your school functions. The platform has to be intuitive enough that they can grasp the system in a matter of minutes, even if they won’t be using it on a daily basis.

So we spent years iterating and creating the perfect user interface that anyone can figure out immediately. No training required, and no need to call support when you’re doing a simple task. It’s meant to be easy and effective for everyone, and based on customer feedback, it is!

Repetitive Business Processes Disappear with Automations

There are dozens of little tasks that slow your team down without you realizing it, and Genius Education makes it simple to set up an automation to permanently offload these chores. If a task requires a lot of manual work, automation will save time and increase your productivity.

Automation is also great for freeing up your staff to do more important tasks instead of repeatedly sending the same email, entering the same information, or creating the same report themselves. Of course, our support team will be here to help you with setting up automations the whole way.

From the time you sign up for Genius Education until all your operations are running smoothly, our professional staff is here for you every step of the way.

We’ve spent 30 years not just building platforms but helping implement them in record time. We’ll transfer all the files, restructure all the data, and onboard staff to the platform… all in a matter of days.

A Complete School Management System

We’re an end-to-end software solution for schools that meet all your needs in one place. Our system has a myriad of integrations with third-party solutions like MailChimp, FACTS, Google Groups, and dozens more, allowing you to integrate all your existing systems for an easy onboarding experience.

Getting them up and running takes a matter of minutes, and after that, you won’t even remember you’re using multiple systems. It’s that easy.

This all goes back to our core promise: make it as easy as possible to teach your students and manage your school. And if we don’t have an integration with a solution you want to use… just request one and our team will get right on it!

Lower Administrative Costs While Improving the Student Experience

By working with Genius Education, we know you’ll save money on administrative costs and time spent on paperwork.

There is a natural inefficiency in human-led management. Think about chasing tuition payments or sending out grades to students. These can be uncomfortable moments, and having a software tool that streamlines them means your staff have more time for direct student communications.

This efficiency *improves* the student experience. Automating processes and planning out workflows helps students manage themselves and their workload better. For example, they could implement automations that help them review their progress and set where they receive notifications when an assignment is due.

Unite Your School with Genius Education

Genius Education was built based on what school administrators told us they needed: a student information system designed to meet the specific needs of schools today with a mix of automations, business intelligence, and intuitive customizations.

We’re proud of our track record of helping schools work more efficiently. Technology is meant to work for the school, not be a distraction. We boost student engagement rather than providing another barrier to getting homework done.

Our 100K+ daily users love our software because it allows them to focus on what they’re actually meant to be doing: learning and teaching.

And the results are reflected in student outcomes.

We hope that we’ve given you some new ideas and inspiration to try out our software. We built Genius Education to be the best possible tool for schools, which means that any school can use it to do their job better. If you have questions, we would love to hear from you.

November 4, 2022
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Work With Genius Education: Students, Staff, Parents… They All Love it

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